Chai Jing Hao

CQT PhD student (admitted in Jan 2015)
Office: NUS Block S-15 #06-23

Research topic(s):
Fault-tolerant error correction

  • investigating the effect of noise on the threshold
  • comparing between schemes, such as between concatenated codes (Steane code) and surface codes
  • inclusion of non-Markovian noise, and its effect of fault-tolerance

Research interests:

  • Physical realizations of quantum systems towards computation, such as recent developments in superconducting qubit systems, ion trap arrays, quantum dot arrays.
  • Novel experimental characterizations of noise, such as randomized benchmarking or the use of syndromes in error correction to infer noise properties.
  • Used to work on quantum tomography, in particular, inferring about the state of a quantum system from small amounts of data.

Curriculum Vitae