Head of the group
Ng Hui Khoon (Associate Professor, Yale-NUS & CQT)

Current group members

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Len Yink Loong (Yale-NUS & CQT)

PhD Students
My Duy Hoang Long (Yale-NUS & CQT PhD)
Mark Myers II (CQT PhD)
Susan Qin Shushen (CQT PhD)
Arthur Strauss (CQT PhD)

Research Assistant
Mariesa Teo (CQT)

Masters students/interns
Orane Valette (ETH Zurich, research intern)
Dhruv Bhatnagar (TU Delft, research intern)
Tejas Acharya (research intern)
Mark Ma Chiyuan (NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute/NUS Physics)

Undergraduate students
Liu Zixiong (Yale-NUS, Capstone Project student; starting Aug 2023)
Lin Zhonglin (NUS Physics, Final-Year-Project student; starting Aug 2023)
Denzel Loh (NUS Physics, UROPS; starting Aug 2023)

Close collaborators

Alexia Auffèves (Institut Neel, France)
Yvonne Gao (NUS, Singapore)
Koh Teck Seng (NTU, Singapore)
Prabha Mandayam (IIT Madras, India)
Robert Whitney (LPMMC, France)

Past group members

Arjav Devangkumar Sanghavi (2022-23, Yale-NUS, Capstone project student)
Li Zhuofan (NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute; remote student)
Mikolaj Paraniak (Graduated 2022, CQT PhD) [co-supervision with Berge Englert]
Chai Jing Hao (2020-2022, CQT, Research Fellow; CQT PhD student; currently at Entropica Labs)
Yorgos Sotiropoulos (2021, Masters Research Intern from TU Delft)
Qi Jiaan (2020-2021, Yale-NUS, Research Fellow; NUS Physics PhD student)
Han Rui (2020-2021, Yale-NUS & CQT, Senior Research Fellow; currently Project Manager at CQT)
Rajesh Mishra (2019-2021, Yale-NUS & CQT, Research Assistant; currently PhD student in UIUC)
Jonas Tan Yick Wei (2019-2020, Yale-NUS, Capstone project student; currently in the Quantum Team at SoftServe Inc.)
Gideon Lee (2019-2020, Yale-NUS, undergraduate Research Associate; currently PhD student in UChicago)
Dikshant Dulal (2020-2021, Yale-NUS, undergraduate Research Associate; currently in the Quantum Team at SoftServe Inc.)
Ahmed Fedi Lassoued (2020-2021, Yale-NUS, undergraduate Research Associate)
Gu Yanwu (2019-2020, Yale-NUS & CQT)
Sim Jun Yan (Graduated 2020, CQT PhD) [Shared PhD student with B-G Englert (CQT, NUS)]
Savong Hun (2020, Yale-NUS, summer intern)
Kate Azar (2020, Yale-NUS, exchange student from Wellesley College)
Todd Lu Yiping (2017-2019, Yale-NUS & CQT, Research Fellow)
Kelvin Koor (2019, Yale-NUS & CQT, Research Assistant)
Ryan Tiew (2019, Imperial College, UK, summer intern)
Li Weijun (2019, Yale-NUS & CQT Research Assistant)
Ivan Soh Wei Ern (2019, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Len Yink Loong (graduated 2019) [Shared PhD student with B-G Englert (CQT, NUS)]
Yonatan Aaron Gazit (2018, Yale-NUS undergraduate; 2018 Research Assistant)
Zheng Yicong (2015-2017 Yale-NUS & CQT, Postdoc; currently leading the experimental efforts in Tencent Quantum Lab)
Vanessa Koh Pei Wen (2017, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Joanna Wang Jiayun (2016, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Abhinav Natarajan (2015-16, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Jake Goh Si Yuan (2015, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Chai Pei Yun (2015, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Chan Li Ting (2014, Yale-NUS undergraduate)