Head of the group
Ng Hui Khoon (Associate Professor, Yale-NUS & CQT)

Current group members

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Len Yink Loong (Yale-NUS & CQT)
My Duy Hoang Long (Yale-NUS & CQT PhD)

PhD Students
Mark Myers II (CQT PhD)
Susan Qin Shushen (CQT PhD)
Arthur Strauss (CQT PhD)

Masters students/interns
Orane Valette (ETH Zurich, research intern)
Tejas Acharya (research intern)
Mark Ma Chiyuan (NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute/NUS Physics)
Lukas Voss (U Ulm, research intern)

Undergraduate students
Liu Zixiong (Yale-NUS, Capstone Project student; starting Aug 2023)
Lin Zhonglin (NUS Physics, Final-Year-Project student; starting Aug 2023)
Denzel Loh (NUS Physics, UROPS; starting Aug 2023)

Close collaborators

Alexia Auffèves (Institut Neel, France)
Yvonne Gao (NUS, Singapore)
Koh Teck Seng (NTU, Singapore)
Prabha Mandayam (IIT Madras, India)
Robert Whitney (LPMMC, France)

[Nov 2023] The group at the Berlin Wall panels in UTown, NUS.

Past group members

Dhruv Bhatnagar (2023, TU Delft, research intern)
Mariesa Teo (2022-23, CQT, Research Assistant)
Arjav Devangkumar Sanghavi (2022-23, Yale-NUS, Capstone project student)
Li Zhuofan (NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute; remote student)
Mikolaj Paraniak (Graduated 2022, CQT PhD) [co-supervision with Berge Englert]
Chai Jing Hao (2020-2022, CQT, Research Fellow; CQT PhD student; currently at Entropica Labs)
Yorgos Sotiropoulos (2021, Masters Research Intern from TU Delft)
Qi Jiaan (2020-2021, Yale-NUS, Research Fellow; NUS Physics PhD student)
Han Rui (2020-2021, Yale-NUS & CQT, Senior Research Fellow; currently Project Manager at CQT)
Rajesh Mishra (2019-2021, Yale-NUS & CQT, Research Assistant; currently PhD student in UIUC)
Jonas Tan Yick Wei (2019-2020, Yale-NUS, Capstone project student; currently in the Quantum Team at SoftServe Inc.)
Gideon Lee (2019-2020, Yale-NUS, undergraduate Research Associate; currently PhD student in UChicago)
Dikshant Dulal (2020-2021, Yale-NUS, undergraduate Research Associate; currently in the Quantum Team at SoftServe Inc.)
Ahmed Fedi Lassoued (2020-2021, Yale-NUS, undergraduate Research Associate)
Gu Yanwu (2019-2020, Yale-NUS & CQT)
Sim Jun Yan (Graduated 2020, CQT PhD) [Shared PhD student with B-G Englert (CQT, NUS)]
Savong Hun (2020, Yale-NUS, summer intern)
Kate Azar (2020, Yale-NUS, exchange student from Wellesley College)
Todd Lu Yiping (2017-2019, Yale-NUS & CQT, Research Fellow)
Kelvin Koor (2019, Yale-NUS & CQT, Research Assistant)
Ryan Tiew (2019, Imperial College, UK, summer intern)
Li Weijun (2019, Yale-NUS & CQT Research Assistant)
Ivan Soh Wei Ern (2019, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Len Yink Loong (graduated 2019) [Shared PhD student with B-G Englert (CQT, NUS)]
Yonatan Aaron Gazit (2018, Yale-NUS undergraduate; 2018 Research Assistant)
Zheng Yicong (2015-2017 Yale-NUS & CQT, Postdoc; currently leading the experimental efforts in Tencent Quantum Lab)
Vanessa Koh Pei Wen (2017, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Joanna Wang Jiayun (2016, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Abhinav Natarajan (2015-16, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Jake Goh Si Yuan (2015, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Chai Pei Yun (2015, Yale-NUS undergraduate)
Chan Li Ting (2014, Yale-NUS undergraduate)